How to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

One of the sure ways to grow is to get out of our comfort zones. I know it’s not always easy because we’ll experience discomfort, insecurity, or growing pains. But getting out of our comfort zone will challenge us, stretch us, and shape us. It’s purpose is to develop and strengthen us. Sometimes, being open minded and being willing to see things from a different perspective is half the battle. Here are some ways to get you out of your comfort zone.

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31 No-brainer ways to challenge yourself everyday.

Some people say ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’. I’m not sure how true that statement is but I do know it’s good to challenge ourselves daily – to stimulate our mind, stretch our body, and search our soul. Try these 31 simple no brainers (there’s one for each day of the month). Have fun, engage, discover, and grow!

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The Art of Living Intentionally.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy for us to say yes to every party invite and become a Martha Stewart and Santa to everyone we know. The holidays can be challenging as we feel the heaviness of unspoken expectations and unrealistic demands that are placed on us. When we do things out of obligation we’ll feel resentful, tired, and angry – we’ll feel as though our time is not our own and we’re losing control of it. One of the ways we can bring joy and peace back into the holidays is by being intentional with our time – this may mean making decisions based on love rather than out of duty, learning to say no without feeling guilty, and learning to do less. May we master the art of living intentionally everyday.

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Periods of growth are painful, yet necessary.

Some periods of growth can be very painful, yet necessary – just like the growing pains we experienced in our bodies as kids. But the growing pains we now go through as adults aren’t physical but rather emotional, mental, or spiritual. Our transformations usually come through painful life changing experiences that shape our circumstance, mould our behaviour, or shift our paradigm. And in turn, they’re suppose to shed light into who we are and transform us into the person we need to become for our journey. May we grow stronger, wiser, and more compassionate through our growth spurts.

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Nourish Your Soul with Alex Cuba

alexFor the last few days I’ve been listening to Alex Cuba’s music nonstop. I discovered him last Saturday as I was walking through the park and heard his beautiful voice. My soul was immediately drawn to his soothing voice and his rhythm moved deep within me. I quickly made my way to the outdoor concert and nudged my way through the crowd to see who this talented singer was. For the rest of the night, I stood there in awe as my soul was nourished by his music. I hope it speaks to yours as well.

Here are my 3 favourite Alex Cuba songs (click on the title to listen to them):

Solo Tu
De Manera Que
Unanime (I couldn’t find a good music video on this – you’ll just have to listen to it on iTunes)

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Beautiful words to move your soul.

I have a collection of poems, quotes, and writings that I’ve collected over the years. I’ve always loved and appreciated the beauty of how words are constructed and the feelings it produces within – some have inspired me, some have broken my heart, and others have mirrored the reflection within my own soul. Here are 3 I want to share with you today:

I love this piece because of the clever sentence structure and the usage of words – encompassing both pain and hope, beauty, truth, and grace.

Beauty 1

This piece makes me look within myself to find the truths to the profound questions he asks. His choice of words are intentional and powerful.

Beauty 2

There’s so much love, simplicity, and innocence in this one – to see and say it as it is to the one we deeply love. And perhaps, for our own need for someone to say it back to us.

Beauty 3May we find beauty and truth in the most unexpected places this weekend, and may it set us free.

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After a while

After a While