Living under the shadow of not being good enough

Good Enough. Believe it.

Whether you’re a spouse, friend, parent or child, you may sometimes feels as though you’re not good enough because of how they treat you or how they say things to you. As a result you may feel insecure, insignificant or inadequate when you’re around them. And eventually fear will slowly begin to set in and you’ll try everything in your power to be ‘enough’ for them. But unfortunately your actions, motives, and thoughts will be driven by fear instead of coming from a place of love, freedom, and security. You wonder if you’re enough, you wonder if you’re making them happy, and overtime, you subconsciously begin to hide your true identity for fear of rejection or conflict. Often, you’ll feel like a hamster spinning frantically on its wheel but not going anywhere. At the end of it you’re exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged. And you bitterly realize your efforts are still not enough. You’re not enough.

The hard reality is you can be perfect and meet all their expectations but there’ll always be something that’s lacking in the eyes of the beholder because they’ll always find something else to be unhappy about. So stop trying. I repeat, s-t-o-p! You’re efforts are commendably futile.

Sometimes, people have a way of making you feel small or unimportant because it’s a reflection of what they feel about themselves or what lies within their own hearts. Perhaps they feel insecure or they have trouble loving and accepting themselves or maybe it’s just simply their expectations being placed on you. So remember, how they treat you is NOT a reflection of who you are but rather a reflection of who they are. Unconsciously, it’s how they see themselves and unfortunately they’re projecting this reality onto others, especially those closest to them.

You can’t live for others, at some point you have to start living and loving yourself. Once you begin to love and accept yourself, your confidence and strength will naturally diminish your fear and insecurity of not being good enough. Nothing or nobody will be able to bruise your self-confidence and make you feel unworthy. You’ll be in control of your feelings and you’ll empower your own life choices. You’ll no longer be dictated by what others think, say or do to you. You’ll be immune to their self-destructive ways because you see yourself through your eyes rather than through the eyes of what others think of you. Once you let go of pleasing people, you’ll begin to operate from a place of abundant joy and freedom.

The truth is you ARE enough, more than enough. You’re a beautiful, bright, brilliant and awe-inspiring human being. And yes you’re flawed but in your own perfect way it’s what makes you unique, unmatched and unparalleled to anyone in the history of mankind. Remember, believe and live as though you’re always enough… more than enough. Always.

© 2013 Susie Lee

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