31 No-brainer ways to challenge yourself everyday.

Some people say ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’. I’m not sure how true that statement is but I do know it’s good to challenge ourselves daily – to stimulate our mind, stretch our body, and search our soul. Try these 31 simple no brainers (there’s one for each day of the month). Have fun, engage, discover, and grow!

©2016 Susie Lee



Boost Your Happiness This Season

With the fall season underway, it’s inevitable that these darker and colder days will affect some people’s mood and take a toll on their emotional well-being. Here are some simple things I do to boost my level of happiness during the wetter months:

I wear colorful clothing as I go for my walk.
I buy colorful bouquet of cut flowers for my house.
I buy (and eat) colorful fruits and vegetables.
I watch matinee movies in a theater or I rent comedy movies.
I invite friends over to play strategic board games (My favorites are Settler’s of Catan, Cities and Knights, & Resistance).
I host Texas hold ‘em poker tournaments.
I plan a small weekend (or overnight) get away.
I cozy up by the fire with a blanket, tea and a good mystery novel.
I walk in the rustling leaves.
I play indoor badminton.
I have friends over for a potluck.
I go for nature walks.
I escape to the mountains when they receive their first dump of snow.
I listen to my favorite playlists I haven’t listened to in a while.
I play my guitar.
I see live musicians or see a play.
I go shopping or hang out at the bookstore.
I go to the library or to the community pool.
I bake cookies.
I read, write and take photographs.
I take a warm bubble baths.
I go for dim sum or bubble tea.
I go out for a midnight snack.
I meet up with old (and new) friends.
Host a fondue or a raclette party.

My list is no way exhaustive but the main thing to increasing your energy and happiness is to stay active, engage with people, look forward to something, stimulate your senses, get some fresh air and HAVE FUN. I guarantee one (or all) of these things will put you in a better mood. Although the sun may shine less during these winter months, we can still choose to have a sunnier disposition inside of us everyday for our health and well being.

I’d love to hear what makes you happy during this fall season.

©2012 Susie Lee lives in Vancouver (one of the wettest places on earth)