40 Ways to Stay Creative

Creativity has usually come to me in times of relaxation, collaboration with others, and a change in my routine. Being creative exercises our mental health but it’s, also, beneficial to our overall well being. As our creative juices begin to flow, it helps us to think outside the box and see endless possibilities beyond ourselves. The result of our creativity will ignite our passion, boost our self-confidence, and increase our energy. Here are 40 simple ways to stay creative at work, home, and play.

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How to stay motivated.

There are going to be days when we’ve lost our zest for life or lack the motivation to fulfill our goals. It’ll happen to all of us at some point in our lives whether it’s in our homes, work, school, and yes, even in our play. Here are a few helpful tips on how to stay motivated during those times we feel tired and unenthusiastic. Most importantly, we need to rest along the way, take care of ourselves, and enjoy the simple things in life.

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How to stay motivated

12 simple ways to stay happy and calm during the holidays.

WIth the winter season upon us, and the year drawing to an end, it’s easy to feel tired and overwhelmed. Here are 12 simple ways to stay happy and calm during the holidays.

How to stay happy and productive

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Take a break in a beautiful place, alone

In our ever-rapid changing world, sometimes, it’s good for us to slow down – to disconnect ourselves from electronic gadgets, social media, and even from the people around us. This’ll help unclutter our minds from the distractions that bombard us, still our bodies from the anxieties within us and give full attention to the moments before us. This may mean, leaving the phone at home, going for a nature walk, journaling, being gadget-less for a day, or taking a break from social media. Stillness has a way of awakening our souls, enlightening our minds, and reviving our bodies – creating more space for growth, discovery, and renewal.

So take a break today, in a beautiful place, alone. And in your journey, may you find rest, life, and wholeness.

©2013 Susie Lee


Introvert vs. Extrovert

I Like Being Alone

In my life, there are seasons where I’m an introvert and at other times an extrovert. I don’t believe we can define ourselves as one or the other because we’re gradually changing over time. Our moods are influenced by our outward circumstances and our attitudes are affected by our inner state of mind. We’re also, influenced by the people around us – we may take the backseat around those who are more exuberant than us or take the limelight around those who are quieter than us.

Lately, I’ve learned not to judge myself or put myself in a box. There’s no right or wrong, better or worse, good or bad. Rather we need to learn to embrace the mystery of who we are in the different stages of life. We’re both wonderful and beautiful, simple yet complicated, whole yet broken. There are so many contradictions within us, so many colours of emotions, so many arrays of thoughts, things we do in the shadows of our intent. There wouldn’t be enough lifetimes to discover everything about ourselves because we’re constantly changing. Be self aware but not self-critical. Let it lead you to a place of beauty, truth and love of yourself.

©2013 Susie Lee

Rejuvenate Yourself Today


I’m SO excited it’s the weekend! Today, I’m looking forward to spending some alone time. I’m taking my sweet time and not being pressed, stressed or rushed to do anything. I’m not doing the “should’s” or thinking about the “have to’s”. I’m officially taking a mental break today. I’m going to reflect on all the good things that have happened to me this past week. I’m not taking myself (especially others) seriously instead I’m going to laugh and be lighthearted. I refuse to let anyone rain on my parade. I’m going to relax and lounge in my PJs as long as possible. Right now, I’m eating my breakfast in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of cereal in my hands and looking off into the blue, blue sky… (sigh) That’s as far as I’ve gotten in my day. And so far, I’m very content.

I hope your day will be relaxing and refreshing too!

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