Love’s a Choice, Not a Feeling


Lately, I’ve had this thorn in my side… that’s been the struggle to love (or perhaps accept) someone who’s rude, mean, and selfish. It’s much easier to tolerate this behavior from a stranger but much harder from a person who’s close to you.

My first instincts are generally to avoid them – whether it’s seeing them or interacting with them. But realistically, I know I can’t avoid them forever. And I know deep down in my heart there’s a lesson to be learned. I’m learning that my worst enemies are, ironically, the best teachers – they teach me how to be patient, how to love unconditionally and how to practice forgiveness. It’s not easy but I’m learning to embrace these seemingly difficult people (and situations) in order to learn and embody love, kindness and compassion. This is what transforms lives and touches hearts, especially mine.

Every morning, I make a conscious decision to love because I know it’s the right thing to do. I make a conscious decision to forgive because I want to be set free. I make a conscious decision to have a positive attitude because I know everyone’s a work in progress, including me. I want to let go so I can move on – to love and live in freedom. Happiness isn’t a feeling but a daily choice. But you have to want it. I mean really want it. Choose love. One day at a time.

©2012 Susie Lee

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