The thing about me is that I’m passionate about living life to the fullest and I have an innate desire to help those around me. I like to exercise my courage on a daily basis, think outside the box in most circumstances, and chase my dreams until they become a reality. I love being faulted for being too optimistic and trusting. And I confess, I’m a inspirational junkie and I’m a regular user of quotes.

I’m a writer at heart so I’m able to articulate my thoughts easier into written words than spoken words.

I love all creatures, big and small so I’m a huge advocate for life, even to the tiniest bug. My identity, purpose, and drive are rooted in my immeasurable faith in God. I have the kind a laughter that’ll make heads turn and have a personable energy that people can feel. I’m stubborn as an ox and fearless as a lion. My element is being in water.

I’m comfortable in my own skin and confident in my abilities. The most beautiful thing I can wear is my smile and the greatest gift I can give is kindness. I’ll be the loyalist friend you’ll ever have. I’m both an extrovert and an introvert. I need to feed my soul daily with inspirational writing, visual beauty, and the sound of music. I’m brutally honest in my opinion and wittily sarcastic in my humor. I’ve been accused of being smart and sassy. I look like a lady but, most times, I have the personality of a dude.

I can get by with very little but I can, also, appreciate the finer things of life. No matter what, I believe in living life to the fullest. Everyday. Always.

On a professional level, I’ve led and developed social programs for at-risk youth in New Jersey and Atlantic City. I’ve also worked in the rehabilitation of prisoners and adolescent sex offenders in Canada. In Vancouver, I’ve trained staff and supported families and parents through a childcare facility.

Currently, I’m an actor based out of Vancouver, BC. I’ve also, been the host of two travel shows, West Coast Adventures TV and Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism. And I’m an emcee/correspondent for film/web series festivals. Apart from work, I love to bake, travel, and sing.