11 simple ways to stay happy and healthy during the holidays


This festive holiday season can, sometimes, be hectic and frantic with things to do, people to see, and commitments to fulfill. It’s in moments like these that we need serenity and solace within us. During this time, I encourage you to take a break, slow down your breathing, and be alone. Here are 11 simple and practical ways to be happy and calm as you move into the New Year:

1. Drink lots of water (and herbal tea).
2. Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep.
3. Eat healthy and well – start the day with a hearty breakfast, snack on fruits and veggies throughout the day, don’t skip meals, and avoid process foods.
4. Get outside and move your body.
5. Disconnect with your electronic gadgets and connect with people (or books).
6. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Replace fear with courage.
7. Don’t dwell on the past but be proactive in moving forward.
8. Instead of procrastinating, complete the hardest tasks at the top of your day.
9. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Listen to music that moves you.
10. Enjoy your own company – meditate, write, dance, paint, or play an instrument.
11. Play. Laugh. Love. Discover.

I wish you a wondrous Christmas! May peace and joy be yours in abundance!

©2013 Susie Lee

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