Finding the Balance Within

I’d like to add an amendment to my last article, Setting Goals Can Be Life Changing or Paralyzing. If you’re already feeling a little stressed out by juggling your newfound goals with keeping a balanced life, perhaps it’s wise to step back and re-evaluate or re-prioritize older ones. Rather than just ‘adding’ new goals to your schedule why not take away unrelated or unnecessary ones?  This helps us recognize our limitations and the risk of burning out.

It’s also important to keep in mind that having a ‘balanced’ life looks different on each person because everyone has different capabilities, strengths, energy and resources. Comparing yourself to someone else is unproductive and sometimes harmful, and will only make you feel worse.

While it’s commendable to pursue goals, it’s not meant to be a burden to stress you out. This would defeat the purpose of it. The intent of goals is to contribute not to hinder. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed will affect your overall wellbeing. In time, you will recognize personal steps you need to take to find the balance within and operate out of that place.

Here are just a few things I do to prevent burn out:

• Being kind to myself: in thought, word and deed.
• Taking a long, soothing, uninterrupted bath.
• Knowing when some things just have to wait another day.
• Not being at the beck and call of my phone or computer.
• Sometimes, saying “No”. Tough love, for me and for others.
• 8 hours of sleep + exercise + eating healthy = great mood.
• Taking time for myself (read, write, get a massage).
• Listening to my body. It’s a great stress indicator.
• Forgiving. Not holding grudges. Letting go.
• Feeling my feelings and acknowledging them.
• Connecting with my girlfriends weekly for support, love and encouragement.
• Having fun. Playing games. Listening to music. Watching movies.
• Breathing deeply. Chewing slowly. Laughing loudly.
• Being thankful. Being positive. Being hopeful.
• Love. Love. Love.

I encourage you to create a preventative list for yourself and enjoy practicing it often. It will ground you, keep you sane and surprisingly you’ll become more productive as you enjoy life along the way.

What’s on your preventative list?
What does balance look like for you?
What are some things you’re adding & dropping?

© 2012 Susie Lee

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